The Girl With The Mousy Hair

3 November 1977
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Predictable is boring.

Welcome. Look around. Maybe you'll find something interesting. As for me, I'm just a girl who may be in her 30's physically, but is only as old as her mind wants her to be at the time. I love many fandoms and participate as much as real life will allow me. Beyond fandom I'm a mom, an nursing student, and a hopeless daydreamer who loves to make new friends.

As you can see by visiting the journal proper this is a 'friends only journal'. This is not because I have anything particularly important or interesting to hide, mostly entries about nursing school and being a mom with some fandom thrown in.
If you want to follow along, just ask, I will accept almost all requests.

Want icons? Check out my icon journal: duets_graphics Got a request? Let me hear it. I love making graphics.
Please do not take any icons from my user pics. If you are looking for a specific icon I have in there check out duets_graphics 90% of the time its there. If its not, it was made for my personal use (but usually if you catch me in a good mood I'll make you one simmilar to the one I have). Sorry.

The perfect mood theme I'm using was created by paintedspork. I am grateful to people like them who take the time to make those. I may have the patience for creating icons, especially animated ones, but not for mood themes.


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